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We are one of the few Hi-Fi stores offering a high-end stereo listening enviroment, chock full of state of the art products. From dynamic speakers, air motion speakers, electrostatic speakers, tube electronics and the best solid state electronics, we have something for everyone!

If your a beginner to high-end audio we are happy to answer your questions, compare technologies and design the perfect system.  If you’re an experienced audiophile, we carry an amazing assortment of high-end products to fulfill your audio dreams!

Come in and listen to new electrostatic speakers, including the Quad ESL-2905 and the Martin Logan CLX. The entire Martin Logan Reference series is on display. Other new speakers setup for audition include the PSB featuring the Stereophile magazine class A rated Synchrony One, Spendor A6, Focal Electra 1028Be, Golden Ear Triton2, Wharfdale Opus, Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand, Revel Studio2, Paradigm Studio 60, Definitive Technology Mythos ST, Aural Acoustic Model B, Epos M5 and more! We feature new electronics from Krell, Conrad-Johnson Cary, JL Audio, Anthem, McIntosh, Rogue Audio, Marantz Reference, Arcam, MusicHall, Creek, VPI, Parasound, PeachTree and Bryston.Connected with cables from Nordost, Van Den Hull, Straight Wire, Ixos and Audio Quest.


Samsung 3D Promotion
Samsung is offering a top rated free 3D bluray player and free 3D glasses with select new 3D hdtvs, over a 800 retail value!

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